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UCAT Test 2021 - What You Need To Know

UKCAT to UCAT name change

The UKCAT (United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test) was renamed to the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) in January 2019.

Why did the UCAT name change?

Previously, students in Australia and New Zealand had to sit the UMAT (Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences Admissions Test). This was replaced by the UCAT ANZ in 2019. Since then, the UKCAT Consortium have announced that the UKCAT will be changing its name to the UCAT in the UK from 2019.

Is there any difference between the UKCAT and UCAT?

In short, NO. There is no difference between the UKCAT and the UCAT Test. The sections are exactly the same, as are the timings and difficulty of each section. ​The UCAT Consortium have announced that while the name of the test has changed, the contents of the exam are exactly the same. The five sections will be: UCAT Verbal Reasoning UCAT Abstract Reasoning UCAT Quantitative Reasoning UCAT Decision Making UCAT Situational Judgement While there may well be a new question type in the Situational Judgement, everything else is the same.

So, how does this affect my application in for 2022 entry?

All this means is that instead of sitting the UKCAT in 2021, you will be sitting the UCAT Test. Therefore, any resources that were previously labelled as use for the UKCAT, CAN still be used to revise for the UCAT. Remember the key UCAT Timings are all available on our website Get started by contacting one of our consultation experts now for free!

How do I begin?

We would recommend navigating through to our UCAT pages and learn more about the exam this year!

What are the important dates for the UCAT 2021?

  • UCAT Registration and booking opens - 2 June at 9am
  • UCAT Bursary scheme opens - 28 June at 9am
  • Testing begins - 26 July
  • Registration and online booking closes - 22 September at 12 noon BST
  • Bursary deadline - 29 September
  • Final booking deadline - 29 September at 4pm BST
  • Last testing date - 29 September
  • UCAS application deadline - 15 October
  • Results delivered to universities - Early November

UCAT Test 2021: What you need to know about the UKCAT

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