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What We Help With

English & Grammar

We will not only make sure that your personal statement has no errors in English & grammar, but help improve the flow of your statement.


Many students struggle with including all of the content required - books, work experience, volunteering etc - we will ensure you tick every box.

Standing Out

With so many statements to read, it is imperative that yours stands out. With 10 years of craft us unique personal statements - trust us.

Doctors Only

All of our reviewers have experience on the admissions panels of universities - they know what it takes for a statement to pass the rigorous selection criteria.

Opening Sentence

Don't fall into the common traps of the opening paragraph - we will make sure that your opening paragraph draws their attention and captivates them.

Reduce Word Count

Struggling to cut down to below 4000 characters? Unsure what to remove? We will always ensure it is below the word count for your ease.

Our Personal Statement Services

Editing Service - £89

One of our personal statement experts will go through each line of your medicine or dentistry personal statement. Here, they will make suggestions on better sentences and structure for your personal statement. They will return your personal statement completely edited making suggestions on things that need to change, with some overall comments at the end summarising the strengths and weaknesses of your personal statement. 

Example of the personal statement editing service:

"By attending medical lectures at King’s College, I gained further understanding into the medical training path to become consultants and had an opportunity to broaden my views on the different specialities such as general & plastic surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology and other medical specialities such as cardiology & paediatrics."

Tutor's comment:

It is great to see your commitment to studying Medicine by attending lectures at a Medical University. This is a long stence, and states what you have done, but doesn't go into why this has helped you, or what you have learnt from this. This is crucial in a Medicine Personal Statement. Try to make sure that you include this. 

Consider replacing the above with: "I attended medical lectures at King's College London. Here I gained a greater understanding of training pathways in particular. I was especially interested to hear from a pathologist who had also carried out research on the gut microbiome."

Coaching & Writing Service - Tutor Dependent

Struggling to start your personal statement?
Worried your personal statement will not be good enough?
We can help.
One of our personal statement experts will coach you to help construct, write and proof read your personal statement.
By the end you will have a well written medicine or dentistry personal statement ready to submit through UCAS. 
You will be allowed unlimited reviews of your personal statement to go through and change anything you are not happy with. 

Who Will Review Your Personal Statement?

Our expert Doctors & Dentists  have sat on the admission panels for a number of universities including Cambridge, UCL, Sheffield, King's College and Imperial - they know what it takes to impress the panel at interview and give yourself the best chance of gaining a place at university. Between them, they have read, reviewed and edited over 2300 personal statements - look no further.

Here are some of our expert personal statement reviewers:

Dr. Akash

Founder | Doctor | Expert PS Reviewer

Akash is a junior doctor & our founder. He has tutored 1000s of successful pupils in receiving places to study Medicine & Dentistry across the country - find out more about him here. 

Dr. Shahab

Founder | Dentist | Expert PS Reviewer

Shahab is a dentist & our co-founder. He has helped many pupils secure places to study dentistry at university. Find out more about him here

Dr. Sonal

Founder | Dentist | Expert PS reviewer

Sonal is a dentist & our course lead. She teaches at schools across the country. She is an expert PS reviewer - having reviewed 100s of dental personal statements - find out more about her here

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Personal Statement FAQ

How secure is the portal? Do I need to worry about plagiarism?

The portal is 100% secure and encrypted. Your personal statement will only be reviewed by the tutor checking it. They have reviewed and edited 1000s of personal statements and will ensure that your your comments and edits are unique to you only.

I have a deadline coming up, and need it reviewed quicker, can you help?

Absolutely - please select the "Express 24h" option, and your personal statement will be returned within 24h by email to you.

My personal statement is over the 4000 character limit - can you help cut it down?

Of course - this is one of the most common requests that we have. Please just let us know when you send it in what the character count is - and that you would like it cut down. Our tutors will definitely help you with this.

I'm worried about the grammar & spelling - is this checked?

Absolutely - the tutor will go through each and every line and correct all the grammar and spelling mistakes. They can help make it flow better and ensure it is suitable for UCAS.

Medical + Dental Personal Statement - Top 5 Tips/Advice

Your Personal Statement is an essential part of your UCAS medicine application, and one that will make you stand out from the rest of your competitors. But how can you entice the examiner and create an exceptional Personal Statement? Below are tips and techniques to help you write an essay to boost your UCAS application.


1. Structure your personal statement

There is nothing more better than a medical or dentistry personal statement which flows well and is easy to read. By structuring your essay into paragraphs not only will you cover all the points you wanted but the examiner will be able to follow your Personal Statement story with ease. Separate your paragraphs into sections such as: introduction, work experience and volunteering and always relate how your experience will help your career.


2. Make it original  

‘Since I was young I have always wanted to be...;’

‘For as long as I remember I have been interested in…’

‘Medicine is a very challenging and demanding career…’

Avoid cliches. The examiner will be reading thousands of Personal Statements, and cliches will only bore them. Make your personal statement, personal. Include life events, how it has affected you and most importantly why you really want to do your chosen degree.


3. Show that you are interested in your degree

Everyone can say they want to do medicine or dentistry, but how much do you really want to do it? Your personal statement is a chance for you to show off all your knowledge and experience around the degree. Mention your medical work experience, any research you have conducted, articles you have read and even volunteering you have done to not only make you stand out but to show your determination towards studying medicine.


4. Show that you are a well-rounded individual

Your Personal Statement is a chance to show off what you are like as a person outside academia. Examiners do not like a candidate who is purely career-focused, but also someone who has the manual dexterity to do knitting, the passion for rock climbing in their spare time and also kindness to volunteer on a weekly basis. 


5. Check check check 

Make sure you read your essay again and again until it is perfect. Once your Personal Statement is sent off you cannot edit or change it, so checking your essay is vital. Check that the grammar is perfect, your paragraphs are structured and your personal statement is easy to read. If you are having trouble fool-proofing your essay, making sure it is perfect or want feedback, send it to one of our tutors who can help you in your personal statement journey. Our trained tutors will be able to help you write your essays, suggest improvements, check grammar and make sure your Personal Statement is 100% ready to be sent off.

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Nottingham University

"Doing 1-1 medicine interview practice with Akash provided me with the content, structure and confidence to succeed at my interview. Breaking up what I needed to do with helpful pointers to direct my practice proved invaluable when it came to medical interviews. I would recommend him to anybody wanting to secure their place at Medical School"

Suraj, London
UCAT (UKCAT) - 797
BMAT - 7.2, 7.8, 5A

"My best advice is to get in contact with The UKCAT People (Akash & Sonal in particular) as soon as possible. Without your help I wouldn't have gained medicine offers from King's, Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield for Dentistry! They went over and beyond!"

Benjamin, London
UCL Medical School

"Akash went through my medicine personal statement in immense detail, offering suggestions that none of my teachers had even thought of. He knew exactly what was needed to enhance my personal statement, and went through the tips logically."

Shirley, Dublin
Cambridge University

"I travelled from Dublin to London for the UKCAT course run by Sonal from The UKCAT People, and it was definitely worthwhile! I'm now looking to continue with some UKCAT Skype lessons closer to my exam."

The UKCAT People

We will support you throughout your applications during the 2021-2022 cycle. 

Email: info@theukcatpeople.co.uk

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