Overview of Keele Medical School

An innovative, highly-integrated medical curriculum at Sunderland in partnership with Keele University Medicine.

Sunderland is one of only five new medical schools, established to address the regional imbalance of medical education places across England and to widen access to ensure the profession reflects the communities it serves. Attending the Keele Medical School Open day will give you a better insight into the university.


Course Structure at Keele University School of Medicine

Medicine at Keele University involves the following phases:

Phase 1: Years 1 and 2:
Overview with early clinical exposure whilst learning the fundamentals of Medicine.

Phase 2: Years 3 and 4:
Learning the clinical background with clinical placements building on the foundations of clinical knowledge and skills developed in the preceding years.

Phase 3: Preparation for Professional Practice: Year 5:
Very extensive student assistantships to prepare you for practice as a Foundation Year 1 doctor

Keele University Medicine Entry Requirements


5 subjects at grade A (7) with a minimum of grade B (6) in Maths, English Language, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

A Levels

Including Biology or Chemistry plus another designated science subject (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths/Further Maths/Statistics) and a third academic subject. Any science A Level (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) completed in England from 2017.

The Keele Medical School entry requirements accept A Level re-sits under certain circumstances:
Where an applicant has been awarded AAB, the applicant is only required to re-sit the B grade subject
Where an applicant has been awarded less than AAB, they are then required to re-sit all 3 A Levels in the same sitting in order to be considered


35 points including three grade 6 passes at IB Higher Level and grades of 6, 6, 5 at Standard Level are required. Higher Level subjects must include Chemistry or Biology, plus one from Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Maths and a third rigorous subject. /

Scottish Higher

National 5: a minimum of 5 subjects at grade A with a minimum of grade B in Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Higher: minimum of AAAAB, including Chemistry/Biology plus a second science both at A, to be achieved by the end of S5 (i.e. before applying)

Scottish Advanced

Scottish Advanced Higher: minimum of AB from two subjects (both sciences) sat in S6. Any additional subject sat at Higher level in S6 must be achieved at grade B or higher

Any science subject not being offered at Higher or Advanced Higher level must have been passed at Standard/National 5 grade B/2


Keele Medicine Admission Tests


Medicine Keele UKCAT (UCAT): Required

Scores must be within top 8 deciles of the cohort and situational judgement test (SJT) must be within bands 1-3.


Yes (international applicants only)




Course Information

Graduate Entry



Keele Medicine students can opt to take a year out of their undergraduate Medicine (MBChB) studies in order to study a subject area in greater depth, before returning to complete the medical course; this is called an intercalated degree.

Undergraduates may suspend their medical degree for a period of 12 months and depending on your individual circumstances, you may be able to undertake, after Year 2, a bachelor's degree and after Year 4 a bachelor's degree or master's degree.

Foundation Year / Gateway 

Foundation Year for Medicine is available for some under-represented groups. This course offers standard medical training with the addition of a foundation year (a total of six years).

Students entering the foundation year will undertake a range of modules to bring your academic level up to an equivalent standard to that of direct entrants to year 1 of the MBChB programme. Progression requirements are currently 40% (45 credits) in all semester 1 modules and 70% (75 credits) in semester 2.

Keele Medicine Entry Requirements for Foundation Year:
- GCSE: 5 GCSEs at grade B/6, including double/triple-award science or three separate sciences (including a pass in practical endorsement).
- A Levels: BBC from three A levels including chemistry or biology
- UCAT: Required


Keele Uni Medicine Work Experience

The Medical School do not place requirements on the amount and type of work experience a prospective medical student should have.

We expect candidates to:
- Have a realistic understanding of medicine and what it means to be a doctor
- Have had some experience of engaging with a wide range of people and understand the realities of a caring profession
- Display some of the skills and attributes essential to be a successful doctor, including teamwork, leadership, good communication skills, resilience and empathy.


Personal Statement for Keele Medicine

Keele will not use your personal statement as a means of assessing your application.


Interview at Keele Medical School


- With only 100 places available each year, competition is tough.
- The interviews take the form of multiple mini-interviews (MMIs) and a mathematics test for the Keele Medicine Interview.
- Mixture of 1-1 and multiple interviewers


January to March


Keele Medical School Interview Questions / Topics:
- Empathy and insight
- Responsibilities and challenges of being a doctor
- Awareness of ethical issues in health and society
- Resilience
- Comprehension
- Effective communication
- Discussion of personal statement

In addition, interviewees will complete a separate mathematics test which will assess their ability to perform clinically relevant calculations. This is a pass/fail test.

Interviewees who do not achieve the pass score will be unsuccessful at interview.


Contact Details

- Address: University Road, Keele University, Staffordshire, ST5 5BG
- Telephone: 01782 733937

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Nottingham University

"Doing 1-1 medicine interview practice with Akash provided me with the content, structure and confidence to succeed at my interview. Breaking up what I needed to do with helpful pointers to direct my practice proved invaluable when it came to medical interviews. I would recommend him to anybody wanting to secure their place at Medical School"

Suraj, London

UCAT (UKCAT) - 797

BMAT - 7.2, 7.8, 5A

"My best advice is to get in contact with The UKCAT People (Akash & Sonal in particular) as soon as possible. Without your help I wouldn't have gained medicine offers from King's, Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield for Dentistry! They went over and beyond!"

Benjamin, London

UCL Medical School

"Akash went through my medicine personal statement in immense detail, offering suggestions that none of my teachers had even thought of. He knew exactly what was needed to enhance my personal statement, and went through the tips logically."

Shirley, Dublin

Cambridge University

"I travelled from Dublin to London for the UKCAT course run by Sonal from The UKCAT People, and it was definitely worthwhile! I'm now looking to continue with some UKCAT Skype lessons closer to my exam."

The UKCAT People

We will support you throughout your applications during the 2021-2022 cycle. 


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