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Vet School Costs and Questions


How Expensive is Vet School?

Going to vet school is a big financial commitment - not least because it's a five year degree (in comparison to three years for other Bachelor's degrees). Fees and funding does vary depending on circumstances, however!


How Expensive is Vet School for Undergraduate Students in the UK?

Tuition fees for undergraduate UK students at vet school in the UK are roughly £9,000 per year - this would make the total tuition cost £45,000 for a five year degree (or £54,000 for those who intercalate and add an extra year to their degree). Maintenance fees, of course, are additional to this.

How Expensive is Vet School for EU / International Students?

International and EU tuition fees tend to be higher, at roughly £36,500 per year.


Are There Any Grants/Bursaries Available For Vet School?

Yes - vet schools are passionate about widening participation, and there are foundation/gateway schemes which may also mean you're eligible for reduced fees. We recommend getting in touch with universities individually to find