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How To Become An Animal Doctor


How to Become an Animal Doctor

If you're looking for advice on becoming an animal doctor (veterinarian), we have a wealth of resources available for you on our website. 


How to Become an Animal Doctor in the UK

To become an animal doctor in the UK, you will need to have good academic grades and veterinary work experience as a baseline. As it is a very competitive course, you must also be able to convince the admissions team at vet school of your motivation and suitability for the course - your personal statement, SAQs (supplementary assessment questionnaires) and interviews all contribute towards this.

How We Can Help You to Become an Animal Doctor

We are admissions specialists in Veterinary Medicine in the UK - we can give you the best advice regarding how to become an animal doctor! We can help with personal statements, SAQs, vet school interview tutoring and more. See our website to find out how we can help you to make a successful application to vet school.


How to Become a Big Animal Vet

Some students know before even applying to vet school that they want to work with big animals - for some this may mean working with farm animals, and for others it may mean working with horses.