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BMAT Medical Schools - How Universities Use The BMAT

BMAT Universities 2021 Entry - Which Medical Schools Require BMAT?

How Are BMAT Scores Used?

It is best practice to check each university's website to check for the latest changes. 

Cambridge BMAT - BMAT is used holistically with the personal statement and grades. There is no cutoff, nor is there a particular BMAT score required for Cambridge. The higher the BMAT score, the higher the chance of being invited to interview. The average score for an unconditional offer at Cambridge in 2019 was 4.6, 4.9, 3,2B

Oxford BMAT - The BMAT is used alongside GCSE results (and other factors) to help determine who is invited to interview. Generally, it is seen to be equally weighted compared to GCSEs. They consider sections 1 & 2 more than section 3 (where the quality score was considered to be more important). Again, there is no cut-off score for Oxford BMAT. 

Imperial BMAT Requirements - a cut-off score is used every year depending on the scores and the number of interview places. Historically, this has roughly been at 50% of the grades that year - ie the top half of BMAT candidates will be invited to interview, the rest rejected. The rough Imperial BMAT cut off expected for the Imperial BMAT cut off are: 4.1, 4.2, 2.9A.

UCL BMAT - Unlike Imperial, there is no cut-off for the BMAT to be invited to interview. Generally, the higher the BMAT score the better. The rough scores expected for a UCL applicant are 4.3, 4.1, 2.9A. Historically, the section 3 essay was discussed at the interview, this has now been removed since 2020. 

Leeds BMAT - There is no cut-off, but it is used to determine who is invited to interview. Often the section 3 essay section is used for discussion at one of the MMI stations in the interview. 

Brighton & Sussex BMAT - The three sections scores are totalled out of 28. Then the applicants are ranked and invited to interview. There is also a cut off for sections - 3, 3, 2.5C for each section. In 2019, 16.1 and above was needed to be invited to interview. 

Lancaster BMAT - It is thought that the BMAT is used with the personal statement and reference to shortlist candidates for interviews. There is no cutoff score for the BMAT here. 

Keele University BMAT (International Students Only) - It is thought that they employ a cut-off score for the BMAT each year. 


BMAT Dental & Dentistry Schools

While the UCAT is the most common application test needed for dental applications, the University of Leeds requires the BMAT for Dentistry. 

Internationally, the University of Pecs and Mahidol International Dental School require the BMAT.