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BMAT Preparation Tips


When To Start Preparing For BMAT?

We normally recommend starting to prepare for the BMAT at the beginning of September. This will allow you enough time (8 weeks) to go through all of the prerequisite material for each of the sections. 

To improve preparation - we recommend that the best BMAT preparation includes:



The first thing that is crucial to accept is, for the BMAT, practise truly makes perfect. After you have completed your BMAT registration, the best starting point is here with our comprehensive BMAT Guide; you will be guided through each section, followed by practice questions and detailed answers. Following this, we always recommend you visit the official BMAT resources and past papers to give you further indication of what to expect.

As you will see, most questions are medically-oriented, especially in the sciences of Biology and Chemistry; we highly recommend you revisit your old textbooks, both GCSE and A-level, to refresh any key concepts that you will further uncover through this guide.

Timing is undoubtedly the most important concept to manage in the BMAT; you will be pushed for time, especially on the more difficult questions, and this is where your temperament for handling the trickier questions will be crucial. Remember there are access arrangements for the BMAT available. As you will uncover, there are techniques for tackling easier questions in order to buy you additional time for the more difficult ones.